lawn grub control crofton md

Choose Turf Tech Services for lawn grub control in Davidsonville, Herald Harbor, & Crofton, MD

Get Rid of Grubs

Grubs can become a nuisance before you know it. They grow into beetles that eat grass roots, leaving a patchwork of dead grass scattered across your lawn.

Turf Tech Services, LLC will keep your lawn pest-free with our grub control services. Count on us for expert work in Millersville, Annapolis, Columbia, Crofton and Davidsonville, MD. Call us now to make an appointment.

Do you have grubs?

Our experts at Turf Tech Services are equipped to diagnose and treat your grub problem. We'll help you determine which lawn care services fit your landscape needs.

You might have grubs if:

  • Your lawn feels soft or spongy beneath your feet
  • You see thinning, yellowing or dead grass
  • You find dead grass that is easy to pull up because of grub-eaten roots
  • You see animals like raccoons digging for grubs in your yard

If you believe you may have grubs, rely on us to rehabilitate your lawn. We're ready to provide expert grub control and lawn care services.