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Schedule lawn aeration services to revive your lawn in Davidsonville, Herald Harbor, & Crofton, MD

Hard, Dry Lawn? It's Time to Aerate.

No matter how much you water your grass, it still looks unhealthy. Water barely drains into the ground. When you walk across your lawn, the soil feels hard, and you notice a thick layer of dead roots and leaves beneath your feet.

Your problem is called soil compaction. It's caused by compression from foot traffic or machinery, including lawnmowers. Aeration is necessary to break up the compressed soil. If you live in the Davidsonville, Herald Harbor, & Crofton, MD area, reach out to Turf Tech Services, LLC for lawn aeration services.

How does aeration benefit your landscape?

Aeration remedies the problem of compacted soil, helping your grass grow again. Aeration benefits your lawn because:

  • Aeration opens up room for grass roots to receive oxygen
  • Aeration adds space for roots to expand as they grow
  • Aeration lets water soak into the soil instead of pooling on top

To begin seeing these effects in your own lawn, schedule lawn aeration services by calling 410-258-0910 today. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the difference that this simple service makes.